Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that occurs in every state, including Louisiana. The NHTH works closely with service providers, law enforcement, and other professionals in Louisiana to serve victims and survivors of trafficking, respond to human trafficking cases, and share information and resources.

The below statistics are based on the signals — phone calls, emails, and web forms — received by the NHTH that reference Louisiana. To protect the identity of the people we serve, the NHTH does not disclose exact statistics related to venues, industries, or caller information when referenced fewer than three times.

SINCE 2007

  • Total Calls: 2,224
  • Total Cases: 671
  • Total Victims – Moderate: 956
  • Total Victims – High: 944

Stats as of June 2018


  • Hotel/Motel-Based
  • Illicit Massage/Spa Business
  • Street-Based
  • Online Ad, Venue Unknown
  • Escort Services


  • Female (62)
  • Male (11)

# of Cases – 71


  • Adult (52)
  • Minor (12)

April 2017: Louisiana’s reported sex trafficking cases rose 25 percent last year, about half of them juveniles who were being exploited for sexual purposes, according to a Department of Children and Family Services report delivered to the Legislature last week. Nearly one-quarter of the human trafficking reports came from Orleans Parish, the report said, and 28 percent were reported in Caddo Parish.

March 2018: Sex trafficking was overwhelmingly the most common type of case reported, with 641 cases making up 94 percent of all trafficking cases. There were nine cases of labor trafficking and 29 cases where both sex and labor trafficking were involved.

Women were the most frequent victims of trafficking, with 78.3 percent reports involving females. There were 41 male victims of trafficking and seven were reported as transgender.